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Have you ever noticed how people’s behaviour varies massively depending on the context they are in?



For instance:

We all have a very gentle and polite friend who is famously grumpy behind the wheel?

Do you feel inspired and creative in a café but shackled at work?

Have you seen someone taking the escalator to get to the gym?

Touchline turns this insight into a tool for change and transformation. You can use it to untangle the situational factors that are dominating a context and re-design the human experience from the outside in.

Touchline is a tool designed for collaborative insight and shared light-bulb moments around human experience and cultural change.

Created in an unlikely collaboration between a high school teacher and a senior global HR executive, Touchline has been tried and tested in successful commercial consulting engagements affecting cultural change in the workplace.


Now the tool is available for “D.I.Y.” use by anyone interested to learn. We’re especially excited to share the tool with schools and educators, and will be publishing case studies of its use in this context shortly


Download the eBook:

Rethinking the Workplace

Turning Leadership Aspirations into Everyday Moments

Rethinking the Office_text_254X178_COVER.jpg

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If you'd like to hear more about the Touchline tool and how to use it, come along to one of our free introduction workshops, which we run regularly in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

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